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What we do

Innovation in Marketing

Identifying our customers problems and finding the solutions with our clients' products and services

Wired Innovation is an experienced Marketing Agency that strives to provide its clients with the most refined and results-oriented strategies for their business. We specialize in building connections with our customers, identifying their biggest pain points, and then executing powerful and creative marketing campaigns to identify solutions that will help us build and maintain genuine connections.

Marketing Strategy

The development of an effective marketing strategy is the first step we take along the path toward accomplishing your business's objectives. Our expert strategists have specialized backgrounds in a variety of different areas of business which gives our team a clear understanding of what the buyer is thinking. This allows us to develop a procedure that will align with our clients' expected business outcomes.


With a proven track record for delivering results, Wired Innovation has the experience that is necessary to drive sales results and effectively implement our strategies in the market. We follow the same five-step approach specifically tailoring it to what each of our clients needs to expand their reach and grow their business: 


We carefully analyze the current position of our client's brand in the market to identify weaknesses and generate solutions.


We adapt those strategies into processes we can effectively implement in the classroom and in the stores.


We bring the strategies to life by directly interacting with consumers in the market building a relationship with them that increases our clients' customer lifetime value.


We develop detailed solutions based on the data that are in line with the client's values and will merit the desired results. 


We analyze our processes in detail before execution to minimize error and to make sure every stage of the marketing funnel has been touched on.

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Market Research

We provide a comprehensive data analysis and examination of customer behavior to deliver data-backed solutions and organizational insights. We analyze the data to create a detailed understanding of customer needs and preferences, enabling us to make informed decisions to better serve your target market.

Our marketing professionals understand the importance of getting to know each potential customer on a personal level. Connecting with the customers beyond the professional level allows each member of our team to fully understand the customer's needs and provide the best product or service to meet those specific needs. We take the time to review the data to ensure the best possible customer service experience is provided. We strive to ensure our clients are satisfied, and their audience is engaged. We break down our market research approach into the following four-part system: 

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Results need to be measurable in order to be achievable.


We arrange our measurables around our goals to make it easy to execute them.


We review the predetermined key performance indicators to create propellers for long-term success.


After careful examination we are able to optimize our campaigns to generate results. 


Campaign Execution

At Wired Innovation, we are fully committed to our clients and customers by always looking at the bigger picture. We are able to bridge the gap between our client's current brand position and where they would like to see themselves in the future by demonstrating exceptional product knowledge to the customers. We take pride in listening to what our customers are saying and we are constantly adapting our approach to heal their biggest pain points. We design our marketing campaigns in a format that covers all five stages of the customer journey. Our experienced team is dedicated to connecting with each client's target audience in order to ensure the success of each marketing campaign.

We champion the success of our team members by focusing on our business outcomes to guide our approach in the market. Too many agencies focus on too many different obstacles at once. We separate ourselves from the competition by inventing solutions that are tailored to each of our client's needs. We are committed to the long-term success of our clients' businesses all while connecting the dots between marketing and customer service.

Let's Connect!

2216 Young Drive, Ste. 5,

Lexington, KY, 40505

(859) 412-2077

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